Dog turf

 Residential, Commercial Artificial Grass Lawn Turf

Artificial Grass products are produced in many variations and more popular than ever before, because of its natural feel and very low maintenance. Manufacturers have engineered high quality turf that looks and feels like real grass, meanwhile produced for a specific purpose in Residential and Commercial projects around the world. Including Sports Arenas, Children Play Pens, Dog & Pet Yards, Golf Putting Greens, Gardens, Backyards, Lawn Areas, Decks, Porches, Indoors, Bedrooms, and more.

Benefits of Artificial Grass vs Real Grass

7 reasons why you should consider using synthetic or “fake” grass over real grass.

Low Maintenance- No having to water your grass or pulling weeds.

Saves Money- No more watering your lawn or paying to have it cut.

Pet Friendly– Durable and prevents pets from digging.

Environment Safe- Produced with recycled and other toxic free materials.

Allergy Free- Free of dust, pollen produced by natural grass and insects.

Long Lasting- Quality Artificial Grass can last up to 25 years.

Cleans Easy- Washes easily and also drains itself.


Artificial Grass is a great solution for residential homes and commercial properties that want to enjoy more time on the grass then actually having to maintain it. Yard maintenance requires a lot of time and money in order to have a green healthy lawn. It also introduces insects, rodents and other pests. Not to mention saving thousands of gallons of precious water, when some areas are experiencing a drought.